[PlanetCCRMA] Installing CCRMA At Home on Scientific Linux

Donald Steven t6sn7gt at aim.com
Fri Jul 22 07:41:58 PDT 2011

Installing CCRMA At Home on Scientific Linux 6

1. Install SL, enable SL added repos, and update.
2. Don't install (or remove) SL's jack-audio-connection-kit
2. From http://rpm.pbone.net/, in Advanced RPM search, enable Fedora 13, 
RedHat EL 6, Scientific Linux 6 and Other
3. Download and save RPMs from CCRMA (where possible) the 32-bit or 
64-bit RPMs
4. Use #yum install --nogpgcheck filename (where filename is the full 
name of the RPM)

Note: You'll get some missing dependencies, so it's back to 
http://rpm.pbone.net/.  Be careful not to mix and match versions (for 
example, stick to supercollider 3.4-1.

Works for me.  Hope this helps.


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