[PlanetCCRMA] F15 + CCRMA = no X on start, no network, long boot time and instability

Geoff King gsking1 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 09:40:49 PDT 2011

Yumex (yum extender) is different program to find and install software and
is in the fedora repo.  It uses the same repositories as the one you already
have.  I like it because it is easier to search for what you want especially
if installing dev libraries.  You could give it a try next time you want to
install some things.  Use your add/remove to search for yumex.

Another thing you could try to limit xruns is disable unnecessary services,
but be careful with this unless you know what you are doing.  I've disabled
selinux, wine, abrtd, and cups which I don't need.  I'm not really sure how
much this helps, but I do it anyway.

Good Luck, Geoff

On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 11:44 AM, Dale Powell <dj_kaza at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  Thanks for the reply Geoff.
> Worked out I wasn't seeing Grub as timeout=0 so set it to 5sec and can now
> choose kernel at boot.
> Decided to reinstall anyway as I had literally only got the hard drive this
> morning and doesn't take long at all to get to where I was. Think I'll stay
> without the RT Kernel (CCRMA-Core) for now, considering it again if I find
> myself getting xruns when using my software of choice (assuming I get Jack
> etc set up smoothly to start with.)
> Is yumex much different from gpk-application (Add/Remove Software installed
> as standard on the XFCE version. Tried Gnome on FC14 and know that had a
> different one. Was that yumex?)
> Wireless adapter is a Intel 4965AGN. Only use it at work, wire in at home.
> With Ubuntu 10.4/10.10 and FC14 if I ever lost connection I would have to
> restart the computer to get it to reconnect and there are quite a few bug
> reports of others having the same issue. Finally with FC15 I've found
> something where it will happily reconnect of its own accord.
> X is there just not starting on its own, requiring a  'startx' command once
> logged in. See somebody else just made a post about this same things once
> installing ccrma-core onto fc15.
> Thanks again, Dale.
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