[PlanetCCRMA] ffado jackd issue

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Nov 29 09:19:05 PST 2010


I am having trouble getting to work libffado and Jack on Fedora 13.

libffado: 2.1.0-0.1.20101015.svn1913.fc13
Jack:   1.9.5 2.fc13.ccrma    (jackdmp 1.9.5)
Kernel: kernel-rtPAE-

The issue is that jack only recognizes inputs and no playback at all.

When you look at connections on Qjackctl on the Audio tab "Readable
Clients/Output Ports", show all the correct inputs (as microphones) on
the interface. When you look at "Writable Clients / Input Ports", you
also see inputs (as microphones, no speakers), no outputs or playback

If you start "jackd" verbose on the command line, the same situation is
outlined, not being able to find output ports.

I checked on the hardware, chipsets, firmware, cables, and everything
seems to be working.

On the ffado-user list, this issue has came out on thread [1],
mentioning the Focusrite Saffire Pro10UI/O. But I also want to point out
the same bug on Echo AudioFires. They blame Jack for the problem!.

Ffado seems to behave accordingly, ffado-mixer works as well as other
ffado commands don't show errors or misbehavior.

Does anyone know of a workaround. I just hope this is not an isolated


  --* Juan Reyes


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