[PlanetCCRMA] Pd + PulseAudio?

Peter Kirn peter at createdigitalmedia.net
Wed Mar 24 06:42:46 PDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 2:11 AM, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano > (probably
better to set it to hw:Intel as then it would be independent
> on whether the AK is plugged in or not)

I guess I need to set up an alias to the hardware under the Intel
name? Now I get

"control open "hw:intel" (No such device)
Cannot initialize driver"

> Hmmm, is pd autoconnecting? Do the pd jack ports show up in the jack
> "Connect" dialog? If Ardour makes noise pd should as well...

I can describe that answer definitively as "sometimes."

Here's the test I just did; hw:0 is the AK1 and hw:1 is the onboard audio.

1. Set JACK to hw:1.
2. Launched Pd and set audio to JACK. Pd doesn't autoconnect.
3. Quit Pd, set JACK to hw:0, restarted server.
4. Launched Pd again and set audio to JACK. Pd doesn't autoconnect or
show up as a client in the Connect dialog.
5. Launched Ardour (without restarting JACK) - autoconnects and plays,
no problem.
6. Set Pd to ALSA. Now, with Pulseaudio quit (right?), Pd plays
through ALSA through the onboard sound.
7. Set Pd to JACK. Now Pd autoconnects and appears - but with hw:0.
8. Set JACK hw:1.
9. Ardour plays through hw:1.
10. Pd restarts and refuses to connect to JACK.
11. Set back to hw:0.
12. Pd restarts and autoconnects and plays through hw:0.

The only thing I can see in common is that Pd is refusing to connect
to JACK when JACK is set to onboard audio. Why that is, I'm not sure.

And why it once refused to connect to JACK with JACK using the AK1, I
have no idea; I have to test that more to see if I can get it to flake
out again so I can figure out why it sometimes does that. But it is
fairly consistently refusing to connect to onboard audio through JACK.

I'm launching as:
pd -rt -jack
-- the CCRMA default. I've tested under both the standard PAE kernel
and the CCRMA kernel, and I've tried under the former just launching
pd -jack
-- but I get the same symptoms regardless.


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