[PlanetCCRMA] Pd-extended USB audio output on FC12

Peter Kirn peter at createdigitalmedia.net
Thu Jan 14 10:00:52 PST 2010

Thanks, Sean. Further investigation reveals that this is definitely an
issue with the Audio Kontrol 1 and Pd -- class-compliant devices are
fine -- but I'm going to test disabling PA to see if that's making
things worse (very, very possible). Appreciate the help and will
report back!


2010/1/14 Sean Beeson <seanbeeson at gmail.com>:
> Hi, Peter.
> I think most people would use Jack to do all the audio routing. Before
> you start Jack kill PulseAudio with pulseaudio -k under the user you
> logged in as first. It seems to me that Jack would be used under
> Ubuntu also. If you got a normal PlanetCCRMA installed Jack should
> have gotten installed by default, I'm pretty sure. Try ' qjackctl -s &
> ' with no other audio applications running. Usually the default
> settings work and you can leave the settings alone in JACK Audio
> Connection Kit. If it starts up OK, click on Connect and check out the
> three tabs you see there to get familiar with using Jack. An easy to
> use synth to use to test with is zynaddsubfx & . It has a virtual
> keyboard to easily trigger it to make sound. PD should also show up in
> the Connect window of QJackCtl once you start it.
> -Sean
> On 1/14/10, Peter Kirn <peter at createdigitalmedia.net> wrote:
>> Kudos to everyone who's worked on Planet-CCRMA on Fedora 12; really,
>> really impressed with the way everything is put together here.
>> I'm just having one issue so far. Pd-extended seems to be having some
>> issues with my USB audio output. I'm using the NI Audio Kontrol 1,
>> which of course lacks mixer controls. I think what's happening is that
>> Pd's gain is getting set too high. So, the moment I select the AK1 via
>> ALSA in Pd, I hear a fizzle out of my speakers -- presumably actually
>> the noise floor, cranked way up. The moment I try a test sound, even
>> at -40 dB, I get a horribly distorted sound, as if its gain is set
>> wrong.
>> Internal audio works just fine.
>> Also, it seems I've wound up with Pulseaudio even though I didn't want
>> it and tried to disable it on installation, if that's relevant.
>> Any ideas? Unfortunately, Hans-Christoph is primarily an Ubuntu user,
>> so I'd love to better sort out out-of-box configuration with Pd on
>> Fedora. ;)
>> Peter
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