[PlanetCCRMA] Pd-extended USB audio output on FC12

Sean Beeson seanbeeson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 09:41:50 PST 2010

Well, you may need to get QJackCtl to choose the sound card you want
to use, but other that that you shouldn't need to do much else in the


On 1/15/10, Sean Beeson <seanbeeson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, Peter.
> I think most people would use Jack to do all the audio routing. Before
> you start Jack kill PulseAudio with pulseaudio -k under the user you
> logged in as first. It seems to me that Jack would be used under
> Ubuntu also. If you got a normal PlanetCCRMA installed Jack should
> have gotten installed by default, I'm pretty sure. Try ' qjackctl -s &
> ' with no other audio applications running. Usually the default
> settings work and you can leave the settings alone in JACK Audio
> Connection Kit. If it starts up OK, click on Connect and check out the
> three tabs you see there to get familiar with using Jack. An easy to
> use synth to use to test with is zynaddsubfx & . It has a virtual
> keyboard to easily trigger it to make sound. PD should also show up in
> the Connect window of QJackCtl once you start it.
> -Sean
> On 1/14/10, Peter Kirn <peter at createdigitalmedia.net> wrote:
>> Kudos to everyone who's worked on Planet-CCRMA on Fedora 12; really,
>> really impressed with the way everything is put together here.
>> I'm just having one issue so far. Pd-extended seems to be having some
>> issues with my USB audio output. I'm using the NI Audio Kontrol 1,
>> which of course lacks mixer controls. I think what's happening is that
>> Pd's gain is getting set too high. So, the moment I select the AK1 via
>> ALSA in Pd, I hear a fizzle out of my speakers -- presumably actually
>> the noise floor, cranked way up. The moment I try a test sound, even
>> at -40 dB, I get a horribly distorted sound, as if its gain is set
>> wrong.
>> Internal audio works just fine.
>> Also, it seems I've wound up with Pulseaudio even though I didn't want
>> it and tried to disable it on installation, if that's relevant.
>> Any ideas? Unfortunately, Hans-Christoph is primarily an Ubuntu user,
>> so I'd love to better sort out out-of-box configuration with Pd on
>> Fedora. ;)
>> Peter
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