[PlanetCCRMA] linux samplers that can read EMU EIII (Emulator 3)/EIIIx/ESI-32 cd-rom's?

Niels Mayer nielsmayer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 10:47:26 PST 2010

I finally found all the missing parts and cables for my Emu EIIIxp last
night, and more importantly the 5 excellent
CDROMs of Emu sample banks:
#10. Elements of Sound 1mb collection
#11. Elements of Sound 2mb collection
#12. ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset
#13. Dance 2000
#16. Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits and Percussion ESI-32

Anybody have suggestions of Linux samplers that can read Emu-format sample
CDROMs directly?
Or alternately, software to txlate EIII sample banks into a more universal
One thing I'd like to do is a side-by-side comparison of a modern Linux
sampler with this 18 year old beast... In terms of latency and "jitter" and
playabilty. Won't be easy to do w/o using the same samples...

Of course, I'm not sure I actually need a Linux softsampler now... this
thing is totally "pro", even in its obsolecense. A lot of work went into
those sample-banks. I forgot how nice they were. The 2Mb samples of strings,
pianos, instruments, percussion are very musical, responsive, w/ some
thought to modulation control for expressiveness. And you can just hammer
this thing with MIDI and it doesn't crash or go unresponsive....

Actually it's really not obsolete at all. My computer's SPDIF in is happy to
accept its 16 bit 44ksample output on it's AES/EBU.
Of course, being all digital, it doesn't have the trendy old school analog
midi-controllable Curtis VCF/VCA section like the EIII rack, nor its

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