[PlanetCCRMA] Any known USB audio interfaces that actually have four outputs that show up in Jack?

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ALSA doesn't really bind these together per se, the binding occurs in the .asoundrc file, then you call this "virtual" device in jack. 

I had to do this to bind my two Delta 1010s together. 

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Well, after reading about how most of these interfaces and all their 
ins and outs work under windows and OSX out of the box, I had to ask 
myself why they work there and not under ALSA. I never needed anything 
but two out before. Now that I look and digging through ALSA's 
website, which has had some great updates in the knowledge base, I see 
that there are some .asoundrc file tricks that have not been utilized 
in a generic sense yet. The M-Audio FTP shows up as multiple cards and 
each one shows up as a single device in Jack. I'm not sure how to 
determine if they share a world/timing clock with each other, but it 
seems that has to bind the cards/devices into one virtual device. I 
have found the two places you can put an .asoundrc file, but ALSA 
isn't reading for me. If one can get ALSA to read this when starting 
this may be what is needed to get Jack to use all the devices as 
outputs at the same time. 
and http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/TwoCardsAsOne 

I know I have the etc/modprobe.d/somename file being read correctly 
because I am able to set the name of the for my M-Audio FTP. This is 
more information you need to know about to try this: 

I am at figuring out how to get the asoundrc file actually read. 
Anyone know? I tried a .asoundrc file in /root for when I'm running 
everything as root, but no luck yet. 


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