[PlanetCCRMA] Greetings, RT+Vbox, and the repo server

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at joshuacorps.org
Sat Apr 24 12:10:15 PDT 2010

Greetings.  I am very impressed indeed with the PlanetCCRMA work.  I am 
using 12 on a year-old AMD64 platform, nVidia chipset.  Two questions:

1.  Is the repo server down?  Are there mirrors I should plug into?

2.  Does VirtualBox 3.x have the ability to run a Windows virtual well 
under a realtime 64-bit kernel?  A long time ago, vbox 2 did great for 
me under a 32-bit rt kernel (in fact, I set up an rt kernel expressly 
for that purpose, because it ran so well), but perhaps things have changed.


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Today we had a laugh: a man's wife had better tell him about her pet 

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