[PlanetCCRMA] new packages in Fedora updates-testing (2010-04-10)

Orcan Ogetbil oget.fedora at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 17:01:12 PDT 2010

Hi all,

Here are the latest pushes to updates-testing on Fedora:

flowcanvas-0.6.0 (this was already in PlanetCCRMA, now it got imported
to Fedora):

muse-1.0.1-2 (includes the synti path fix on 64bit systems. Also a
rebuild was needed in F-13 to pick up proper soname deps):

hydrogen- (this is a bugfix release, with the following fixes:
        * added czech translation
        * Bugfix: Exported songs have now the correct length.
        * Bugfix: Generate new instrument id's correctly.
        * Bugfix: Fixed the deletion of midi bindings
        * Workaround: Update the SongeditorPositionRuler safely even if
          the pPattern pointer is NULL RHBZ#570348
        * Bugfix: Add 64bit ladspa plugin path for detection
        * New: build ladspa-wasp-plugins
64bit ladspa plugin path issue was resolved finally.)

A new set of ladspa plugins. The code was distributed with the
hydrogen tarball for a while. It appears that the author donated the
code to the hydrogen project. So I build these plugins together with
hydrogen. The above hydrogen links also applies to ladspa-wasp-plugins

Please give a day or two until the updates appear in the
updates-testing repo. You can give positive or negative feedback on
bodhi, i.e. the above links.

guitarix-0.07.1 (failed):
I also tried to update guitarix to 0.07.1. However this version
requires zita-resampler, which doesn't exist in Fedora yet. But it
exists in PlanetCCRMA. Maybe we should build guitarix 0.07.1 on
PlanetCCRMA until we get zita-resampler into Fedora (which may take a
while since I am really busy these days. If anyone wants to give a
hand I would be very happy).


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