[PlanetCCRMA] 8Ch USB Soundcard

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Sat Oct 10 12:39:35 PDT 2009

sevol wrote:
> On 10/9/09, Felix Pfeifer <pfeifer.felix at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> is there anyone using a 8 Channel (or more) USB-Soundcard
>> with planet ccrma? I read the alsa soundcard matrix and found
>> support for Edirols UA 101, but it seams the driver is very
>> experimental. Anyone got an idea wich interface i should by?
>> greets
>> Felix

> Hi Felix,
> If you need to record from all 8 channels using Linux I don't think
> you'll have luck with any USB soundcard. Under Linux only USB 1 is
> available because there's no USB 2 standard. Hence, every device
> manufacture does things a bit different - so, no USB 2 Linux modules.
> I think USB 1 throughput will safely allow 2 (or maybe 4?) channels at
> most.
> Your best bet is going firewire. Focusrite has at least one 8 channel
> soundcard. There's others too. have a look at the Ffado device support
> list. You can check what's supported & working for people here:
> http://www.ffado.org/?q=devicesupport/list
> happy hunting,

If you want to go with firewire, I have purchaced the Focusrite Saffire 
Pro 10. Focusrite works closely with ffado developers and as a result 
produced pretty solid results for a few of their firewire interfaces, 
and are known to have great preamps.

Also, I get the impression that there's (not) a lot of firewire 
controllers that work well with ffado. But, Texas Instruments 
controllers are said to work well (mine is a Texas Instruments firewire 
interface built into one laptop and a PCMCIA card in the other).

I wrote a HOWTO to get up and running with the Pro 10 and CCRMA/Fedora10 
  that probably will be helpful no matter what firewire device you choose...

The only thing I forgot to mention in the HOWTO is what CCRMA Packages 
to install...
bash> yum install jack-audio-connection-kit qjackctl ffado

Hope this helps,

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