[PlanetCCRMA] Alsa Modular Synth, amsynth

Martin Tarenskeen m.tarenskeen at zonnet.nl
Tue Nov 24 23:59:24 PST 2009


Not all packages have been (re-)built for PlanetCCRMA. Not wanting to 
wait, I have built some of my favorites for personal use myself.

Amsynth has disappeared from PlanetCCRMA already some releases ago, 
because of building problems and gcc compatibilty problems.
But the latest upstream version ( 1.2.2 ) builds and runs perfectly again.

Amsynth is probably one of those packages that should eventually move 
from ccrma to the standard Fedora.

Another one: Alsa Modular Synth (ams), new upstream version 2.0.0. 
If there are plans to rebuild it, check out the new upstream version.


I have re-build the commandline killerapp sox using every available 
library from fedora and rpmfusion that I could findB. It now supports many 
things that the official fedora version doesn't. To give you an idea,
sox -h gives:

AUDIO FILE FORMATS: 8svx aif aifc aiff aiffc al amb amr-nb amr-wb anb au 
avi avr awb caf cdda cdr cvs cvsd cvu dat dvms f32 f4 f64 f8 fap ffmpeg 
flac fssd gsm hcom htk ima ircam la lpc lpc10 lu m4a mat mat4 mat5 maud 
mp2 mp3 mp4 mpg nist ogg paf prc pvf raw s1 s16 s2 s24 s3 s32 s4 s8 sb sd2 
sds sf sl smp snd sndfile sndr sndt sou sox sph sw txw u1 u16 u2 u24 u3 
u32 u4 u8 ub ul uw vms voc vorbis vox w64 wav wavpcm wmv wv wve xa xi
AUDIO DEVICE DRIVERS: alsa ao oss ossdsp pulseaudio

EFFECTS: allpass band bandpass bandreject bass bend biquad chorus channels 
compand contrast crop+ dcshift deemph delay dither divide+ earwax echo 
echos equalizer fade filter* fir firfit+ flanger gain highpass input# key* 
ladspa loudness lowpass mcompand mixer noiseprof noisered norm oops 
output# overdrive pad pan* phaser pitch polyphase* rabbit* rate remix 
repeat resample* reverb reverse riaa silence sinc spectrogram speed splice 
stat stats stretch swap synth tempo treble tremolo trim vad vol

If anyone is interested in a F12 rpm file I can make it available for 
download somewhere on my website.


Martin Tarenskeen

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