[PlanetCCRMA] Pulseaudio and qjackctl

Jeff Sandys sandysj at juno.com
Wed May 6 14:58:43 PDT 2009

I am testing Fedora 11, and I got qjackctl to work fine, but I think the
configuration isn't right.  Here is the part of the note I posted to Fedora
Forums:  I saw that Fernando weighed in on the Pulseaudio ALSA debate.

I installed qjackctl on a Live-Preview-XFCE-i686 usb with persistence.

In the qjackctl connect panel there were no audio output or input ports
until I installed pulseaudio-module-jack and alsa-plugins-jack per Harald
Hoyer's Pulseaudio and Jackd tips, (jack-audio-connection-kit was installed
with qjackctl).

I added "liveuser" to pulse-rt and jackuser and noticed that
/etc/security/limits.conf already had jackuser and pulse-rt added.

Should pulseaudio-module-jack and/or alsa-plugins-jack be a dependency of

I couldn't get my usb MIDI keyboard working, there were no midi or alsa
output or input ports in qjackctl connect, and jack complained about not
finding an ALSA midi seqencer when it started, until i did a modprobe
snd-seq-oss. What is the default /dev/sequencer?

Should modprode snd-seq-oss (or equivelent) be part of the standard

After that qjackctl ran fine, I didn't have to stop pulseaudio to start jack
or use any of the other suggestions in Harald's tips. I pounded on zyn for a
while with jackd -R -r44100 -p250 -n2 with no xruns and about 10% usage.

The XFCE panel volume control lets you select between Pulseaudio and the
audio card, I had to switch to the card and set the PCM to 100% to get
sound. This is a nice feature.

What is the proper was to set up midi with jack so that the midi connectiosn
show up on the MIDI tab instead of the ALSA tab?  
Any other pointers to the correct modern linux audio setup is appreciated.

Jeff Sandys

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