[PlanetCCRMA] sound card recomendations?

Sean Beeson seanbeeson at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 08:55:35 PDT 2009

> I got the impression from posts to various Audio Lists that USB
> interfaces still suffer from latency problems, but if people have
> successes with them, then I hope they mention it here.
> Thanks,
> Rocco

I just started using a USB M-Audio Fast Track Pro, but the verdict is still
out on whether it has signs of latency because my install of fc-10 64-bit
and Planet CCRMA repos are less than 24 hours old. There has been some
weirdness, but is that my lack of knowing how to tune jack and everthing
else just right? Also a few things like the tempo in Rosegarden would speed
up for no reason and then go away. That seems to have nothing to do with the
audio interface. So far it seems to be running well. I was running qjackctl,
qsynth, zynaddsubfx, hydrogen and rosegarden as well as piping analog and
midi inputs through jack to Rosgarden from an external Korg synth with no
latency. I had one track for qsynth, zynaddsubfx, the midi track for the
external Korg and a WhySynth plugin. I had three tracks for Hydrogen and two
tracks for the analog input from the Korg.  There were maybe two xruns now
and then about every hour, but no audible latency and really good audio. Is
that good? What sort of test parameters would be good the use? My CPU usage
was about 75%/80% during that. I wish I had seen your points before. After
sometime I will hopefully be reporting after I know that if I do get bad
results it's not my computer or me that is the cause.

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