[PlanetCCRMA] desactivate SELinux in Fedora 10

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Mar 3 02:28:39 PST 2009

Lao Yu wrote:
> from several threads here it seems necessary to disable SELinux (in 
> order to use a firewire audio interface among others). As quite a 
> newcomer the only steps to do so in Fedora 10 I found is to set
> SELINUX=disabled in /etc/selinux/config
This should do the trick fine, but you will need to reboot your computer 
for the changes to take effect. I've done this on some of my computers 
and it works.

> I wonder if this for sure does the job because I wouldn't know how to 
> test it.
As root:
cat /selinux/enforce

If this returns 0 or 1, you are running selinux in permissive or 
enforcing mode. If you get "no such file or directory" then it's 
disabled :)
> I found posts elsewhere that suggest other ways to do so by editing 
> the grub.conf file in the kernel boot options. However the file does 
> not contain an SELinux setting which supposedly is to be set to 
> "selinux=0".
Yes, this is possible too. More info here: 
> I'd be glad to have some concluding advice as to how to be sure that 
> SELinux is off.
> Thanks a lot
> Jurgen


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