[PlanetCCRMA] planetccrma-apps install fails

Len lenb_99 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 07:53:18 PST 2009

> > rubberband-1.0.1-1.fc9.x86_64 from fedora has
> depsolving problems
> >   --> Missing Dependency:
> libvamp-sdk.so.1.1.0()(64bit) is needed by package
> rubberband-1.0.1-1.fc9.x86_64 (fedora)
> Yup, it is a dependency problem in the Fedora repositories.
> I thought it
> would be a transient problem but it has stuck for a few
> days already. 
> Here's a ticket already posted for rubberband:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=481493
> -- Fernando

Thanks Fernando.  Is there a workaround to this?  I tried -X cluding those packages (rubberband and sonic-visualizer) in my yum incantation, but I just got a more complicated error message ;)  Maybe because the install is from a metapackage (planetccrma-apps)?  

Is the only option to install packages individually for now until the Fedora dependency issue gets fixed?


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