[PlanetCCRMA] updates: new kernel for fc9/10

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Sat Jan 10 19:14:49 PST 2009

I forgot to add in the last post:

I got the same errors on fedora9 as Hector was getting on fedora10 with the newest rt-kernels.

Also, as noted on the dmesg dump that I posted,  I made sure that I used a non-tainted kernel.  The same error also shows up with the rpm-fussion nvidia drivers loaded though.

If what I suspect about the old ata driver is correct;  it just may be a situation where the rt-patch did not convert the old disk interrupt to the proper futex?  But then, I'm a bit(maybe a few bytes) in over my head on this one???

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