[PlanetCCRMA] f10/2.6.26-rt not working/ffado use

Raphael Raccuia rafael.raccuia at blindekinder.com
Thu Feb 26 05:53:49 PST 2009


Fernando Lopez-Lezcano a écrit :
> On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 17:44 +0100, Raphael Raccuia wrote:
>> Hi list...
>> I'm very new fedora/ccrma user. I use Ubuntu and some debian fork music 
>> oriented since 3 years, and I wanted to change, just to know other 
>> distributions... I choosed CCRMA for its kernel-rt, rtirq script and 
>> other configurations well integrated, and for its ffado/jackd last 
>> versions in repositories... I also like its sound development 
>> orientation (pd super collider etc...)
>> But the rt-kernel refuse to work: boot starts normally, then stop and 
>> verboses some informations I can't find in log files... He tells about 
>> udev fail on last line...
> Sorry you are getting into problems so early :-(
In the same time, on normal kernel, everything seems to work very good...
> Do you remember the exact error message it prints?
Yes, now I copied. It boots normally, I can see progression line, but 
then a verbose appears (I can't identify a real error message), 
progression line continue slowly to end, and nothing happens... If I 
press 'esc' or a F-key, this message appears:
udevd-event[717]: run_program: '/sbin/modprobe' abnormal exit (after a 
fedora boot start message in french)
> If the rt kernel can't boot on your hardware then the rest of the
> firewire stuff will not work I'm afraid to say. Sigh. I take it you are
> able to boot normally into the Fedora kernels right?
> Which version of Fedora did you install? Fedora 10?
>> And a FFADO question: do I have to install raw1394 to use my fw device, 
>> or it is supposed to work with ohci_core/ohci_...???
> You would not need to install anything special...
I tried to run jack on normal kernel, but I get something like "access 
to firewire.so (or similar): permission denied"... I thought libraw1394 
and ieee??? was necessary to run ffado...
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