[PlanetCCRMA] Success stories with CCRMA and Firewire Audio Interfaces

Linux Media linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Wed Feb 11 14:07:09 PST 2009


I've been running CCRMA/FC7 till all Firewire bugs worked were worked 
out in more current CCRMA versions. I'm ready to invest in a Firewire 
Audio Interface and just need to know a few things before investing the 
money I currently have...

Is there a Firewire Audio Interface that anyone is (successfully) using 
on (any) CCRMA/FC* system?

What is the name and model?

Which CCRMA/FC version?

Does midi work?

Do I need to be a guru to figure how to get it working?

Here are my needs. These are the (minimal) needs and willing to pay more 
if (for instance) someone was using an interface that had everything I 
needed but I needed to pay more for more Audio Inputs (or whatever).

I need...
24bit 96000 recording quality
2 Ins (XLR with Fantom Power)
2 Outs
1 Midi I/O would be good, but not important since I have a midi 
interface already.

My most important concern is the preamp quality. I invested $500 in a 
Rode NT2000 mic and would hate to loose sound quality because of 
inferior preamps.

Thanks in advance...

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