[PlanetCCRMA] Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group Event Thursday 10/2 @ Mills College

Noah Thorp noah at listenlabs.com
Sun Sep 28 10:15:00 PDT 2008

Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group (BArCMuT)
Presentations and Telepresence Performance  @ Mills College
Thursday 10/2/08, 6:45pm
Mills College, Music Building, Ensemble Room
5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94613

Please RSVP Here: http://www.barcmut.org

Thanks to Mills College for hosting the Bay Area computer music  
technology group this month! Presentation descriptions are below.  
Please come at 6:45 as the 30 minute tele-presence performance will  
begin at 7pm.

1) Telepresence event:
Faculty and student performers at Mills will improvise with musicians  
in Chicago via an internet connection as part of the The Annual  
Chicago Calling Arts Festival.  This will be a medium-fidelity  
connection (not Internet2), so the performers will be working within  
the inherent limitations of the ubiquitous medium artistically, rather  
than trying to demonstrate new technological abilities.  For more  
information on the festival and this event visit http://www.chicagocalling.org 

2) Chris Brown talk about The Hub's network music composition "Vav" :
Chris Brown will discuss and demonstrate the interactive systems used  
in "Vav", a network-music composition currently installed at the new  
Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco as part of the John Zorn  
Presents the Aleph-Bet Sound Project.  The piece was created by The  
Hub based on a protocol of data-exchange and musical responses among  
the six members of the group, each performing with their own computer  
instruments and software.  An aesthetic that favors a balance between  
algorithimically generated and improvised musical actions in network  
music performance will be proposed.

3) Ge wang will present on Composing and Conducting for Laptop  
The presentation outlines some techniques for composing, performing,  
and conducting for laptop orchestra, drawing from experiences with the  
Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) and Princeton Laptop Orchestra  
(PLOrk). In this context, we also look ahead to the upcoming Laptop  
Orchestra of the Left (LOL).

The event will be in the ensemble room in the Mills College music  
building. Take the east-most entrance to Mills. The music building is  
the 3rd building on the right after entering campus and the ensemble  
room is on the ground floor at the far end of the building.

Noah Thorp
Bay Area Computer Music Technology Group (BArCMuT) Organizer


CHRIS BROWN, composer, pianist, and electronic musician, creates music  
for acoustic instruments with interactive electronics, for computer  
networks, and for improvising ensembles.  Collaboration and  
improvisation are consistent themes in his work, as well as the  
invention and performance of new electronic instruments.   He is a  
member of the pioneering computer network band “The Hub” and is a  
Professor of Music and Co-Director  of the Center for Contemporary  
Music (CCM) at Mills College in Oakland, California.   www.cbmuse.com.

Ge Wang ( http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~ge/ ) is currently an assistant  
professor at Stanford University in the Center for Computer Research  
in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), having received his PhD in Computer  
Science in 2008 from Princeton University.  His research interests  
include interactive software systems for computer music, programming  
languages, sound synthesis and analysis, music information retrieval,  
new performance ensembles (e.g., laptop orchestras) and paradigms  
(e.g., live coding), visualization, interfaces for human-computer  
interaction, and methodologies for education at the intersection of  
computer science and music. Ge is the chief architect of the ChucK  
audio programming language ( http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ ). He was  
a founding developer and co-director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra  
(PLOrk), the founder and director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra  
( SLOrk - http://slork.stanford.edu/ ).  He has co-founded the Mobile  
Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) and is establishing the Laptop Orchestra of  
the Left (LOL) in collaboration with the Bay Area Music Technology  
Group.  Recently, Ge has co-founded SonicMule ( http:// 
www.smule.com ), a startup creating interactive sonic media.  Ge  
composes and performs via various electro-acoustic and computer- 
mediated means.

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