[PlanetCCRMA] Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT and RT kernel

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Tue Nov 25 22:46:13 PST 2008

Hi John, I don't know if this will help?

First, I'll have to admit that I've put way too much time into getting this fedora9 -64 bit system working the way I want it to.

Anyway, I'm currently running the kernel while using a GeForce 7800 GT.  I'm using the rpm-fusion(livna) akmod stuff to build the nvidia drivers for new kernels.  Akmods is set up to build new drivers at boot of a new kernel, but I disabled that auto part and do it myself.

When I install a new kernel(like an update to ccrma or something) I then just type in(as root):

akmods --kernels

or whatever new kernel I've just install before I even boot into it.

I let it auto build the  nvidia, kqemu, qc-usb, and gspca drivers for the ccrma-rt kernels for me and haven't had any problems so far.

Look up and install the kmod rpms and the akmod rpms and poke around at the docs if you need to. 

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