[PlanetCCRMA] Re: another small FC8 queery

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Fri Jan 11 09:50:01 2008

On Thursday 10 January 2008 19:10, you wrote:

David. Did you forget to CC the list. I received a direct reply from you, and 
I'm not the OP?
> >> it already full. So I will need to economize on space. Does anyone have
> >> a rough idea of a minimal FC8 boot partition size?
> If you are putting /home into another partition, you can get away with a
> smaller / partition, say 6 GiB. Personally, I would splurge on a bigger
> HD and go with at least 10 GiB.

Personally I think that 6GB for the / partition is really pushing it. As I 
mentioned on an earlier post I reused the 5.9GB / partition that had been 
used by FC3, when I installed F7, and there was a separate partition for 
FC3's /home, that I used for F7's /home.
> >> I am hoping to use the same /home directory as the existing fc5 (it
> >> will probably need to be called /mnt/something/or/other) for real work
> >> though, even if I need a mostly empty /home/oded directory for linux to
> >> be happy.
> I have shared /home partitions between FC5 and FC6 before, no problem.
> I've also shared between F7 and F8, also no problem. I don't think you
> will have any trouble sharing between F8 and FC5.

I'm not nitpicking here, but don't see any problem with sharing /home 
partitions between an FC5, and FC6 install which both identify the harddrive 
partitions as hdxx, neither do I see any problem sharing /home partitions 
between F7, and F8, which both identify the partitions as sdxx.

The only problem I can see is with sharing a /home partition between FC5, and 
F8. FC5 has the /home partition identified as hdxx, and F8 identifies it as 
sdxx. As I mentioned on an earlier post I think this can be resolved by using 
a "label" for the /home partition in /etc/fstab, rather than specifying it as 
hdxx, or sdxx. I have no experience of sharing /home partitions, but believe 
that a label for the /home partition would resolve a problem with 
sharing /home between FC5, and F8 for instance.

I don't know if that is going to help Oded (the OP), as his /home is part of 
his / partition on his FC5 install.

> Best of luck! 40 GiB isn't very big!
> David Nielson