[PlanetCCRMA] kmod-nvidia spec file kmodtools

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Feb 21 12:21:01 2008

> You can add "rt" as a known variant in kmodtool before trying to build,
> this is what I have used in the past for kernel modules:
> knownvariants=@(rt|BOOT|PAE?(-debug)|@(big|huge)mem|debug|enterprise|
> kdump|?(large)smp?(-debug)|uml|xen?([0U])?(-PAE))
> Note the added "rt" at the beginning. 

Hi Nando,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

On the new fc-8 kmod-nvidia livna spec-file there is no line with 'knownvariants'

However, I was able to find on the kmodtool-rpm the file:

which contains the definitions you are mentioning.

I changed the line and now looks like,


However, it still doesn't recognize rt Kernel but it builds modules for PAE and other Fedora stock Kernels.

There is no kmodtool configuration file.

BTW, I don't seem to find Kernel-headers for kernel

  Best of all,

  --* Juan