[PlanetCCRMA] kmod-nvidia spec file kmodtools

Juan I Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Feb 22 10:42:00 2008


It turns out that I don't need to hack the kmod-nvidia spec-file

All I had to do to compile kmod-nvidia module for a ccrma rt kernel was:

'rpmbuild -ba --define "kernels $(uname -r)" --target i686 \

After digging on kmodtool all morning, which is a bash script for
dealing with kmods2, I was not able to make it recognize ccrmart
kernels ;( 

There is some documentation on the RPM Fusion web site about the new way
they are packaging SRPMS for livna and Fedora 8. And of course I am sure
there is a way to hack the kmodtool script (/usr/bin/kmodtool) so that
it understands ccrmart Kernels. Anyway!



  --* Juan

> I changed the line and now looks like,
> @(rt|BOOT|PAE?(-debug)|@(big|huge)mem|debug|enterprise|kdump|?(large)smp?(-debug)|uml|xen?([0U])?(-PAE)) 
> However, it still doesn't recognize rt Kernel but it builds modules for PAE and other Fedora stock Kernels.
> There is no kmodtool configuration file.
> BTW, I don't seem to find Kernel-headers for kernel