[PlanetCCRMA] Upgrade fails

Tracey Hytry shakti at bayarea.net
Thu Feb 14 02:44:00 2008

> Probably just wait a little bit. xine-lib-extras-nonfree comes from
> livna and if there's a new xine-lib coming from Fedora (and I seem to
> remember seeing that) it will take a bit for them to catch up and
> publish an updated package. I think in the meanwhile you could try
> adding "--exclude=xine-lib" to the yum invocation to tell it to not
> upgrade that package. 
> -- Fernando

I've had to use   yum update --exclude=xine*  for a few days now.  Last time I almost turned off the livna repos just to get security updates without fuss.  I'm not sure what's going on with that livna package, but it sure is slow to being fixed.