[PlanetCCRMA] Questions about the Firewire stack

David Nielson naptastic at comcast.net
Fri Dec 12 00:00:00 PST 2008

I understand there's an "old" stack (ieee1394) and a "new" stack 
("juju") and that FFADO does not like the new one.

I just bought an M-Audio Profire Lightbridge firewire interface and want 
to use it with F8 / CCRMA. I am using the 2.6.24 CCRMA kernel. I built 
libraw1394 2.0.0, libffado RC1, and the latest SVN version of Jack, and 
am getting no love.

When I start jack from the command line, it looks promising for a few 
seconds; it correctly identifies the device, and apparently starts 
talking to it. But after a moment, it spews a bunch of errors about 
timing, and then issues a fatal error. (Sorry to not include the output, 
but my email program is on Windows, so I don't have the terminal handy 
to copy from. If needed, I can get it here somehow...)

I notice that I must have both ohci1394 and raw1394 modules loaded, or 
ffado doesn't see any firewire buses at all. Is this how it's supposed 
to be?

What are the obvious things that I should be checking? What am I 
missing? I know this device is supposed to work...


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