[PlanetCCRMA] Re: + rt9: suspend/hibernate not working

Pavel Machek pavel@ucw.cz
Thu Sep 6 10:35:36 2007


> Hi Ingo... I'm getting reports from some of my Planet CCRMA users (which
> I confirmed) that the latest rt kernel I released has broken suspend
> (tested on fc6 & fc7, stock Fedora kernel works fine - the rt
> configuration files are virtual clones as far as possible of the
> standard Fedora kernel config files). 
> I don't know where to start debugging this. When suspend is initiated it
> freezes with a "Stopping tasks ... " message in the text console - a
> hard power cycle is the only way to get the machine back to normal.

It should print what went wrong about ~20 seconds. If it does not,
verify that timers work properly for you.
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