[PlanetCCRMA] fc6/7: cm/clm/cmn/slime, kernel-rt, bristol, ambdec, jace, amb-plugins, liblrdf

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 5 18:03:37 2007

Hi all...

I just released new kernels for fc6/7 i386/x86_64. They probably will
_not_ solve all the problems some of you have been having (in
particular, they still can't suspend properly). These packages have a
difference from previous ones, I have added all the extra Fedora patches
that patch cleanly on top of the realtime patch. Hopefully that will
take care of some corner cases and bugs... (or add new ones?). It's
something I've tried to avoid in the past - a lot more work... The new
version is

- updated clm/cmn/cm/slime packages on fc6 i386/x86_64 that match the
newly released sbcl 1.0.9 packages (they are still in the "testing"
repository for fc7 so no updates yet for fc7). I have updated the
versions of clm and cmn to current snapshots. 

- updated bristol packages (0.10.7-1) for fc6/7 i386/x86_64

- updated ambdec packages (0.10-1) for fc6/7 i386/x86_64
  (include new pdf manual version and cli version of decoder)

- updated jace packages (0.2.0-1) for fc6/7 i386/x86_64
  (new springverb example)

- updated ladspa-amb-plugins (0.3.0-1) for fc6/7 i386/x86_64

- temporary updated liblrdf packages (0.4.0-11.1) that include the
master rdf file so that ladspa plugins are automagically sorted into
categories (until Fedora fixes bug #247583)

-- Fernando