[PlanetCCRMA] Sine waves in real time

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Mon Oct 22 04:44:08 2007

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>     >> Its a 4 year old amd xp2800. I could run about 140 voices in
>     >> realtime at 80% cpu usage,
>     ja> Interesting. Your clock is ~ half the speed of Bill's, yet you
>     ja> appear get ~ the same performance, from the same software.
> Not the same software.  Kjetils referring to a library optimizing Snd
> for realtime work, so you might say theyre running with 2 different
> versions of Snd.
> In fact, Snd tends to be "the same software" only in very controlled
> research-labs....

Obviously, I still have a lot to learn!
So I am now taking Bill's advice (below), as an initial measure.

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>  Why not install it on your own machine and try it yourself?
> ("it" being Supercollider, or Pd, or Snd, or Csound, or CMix,
> or Nyquist... -- there's always another reason to put off
> making music).

Main reason I have not done so thus far, is apalling sound quality of my
new(ish) laptop, even when jacked into a good amp & speakers. See soundcheck
@ http://www.accelerators.co.uk/action .

However, your advice does make sense, because I will then have a better idea
of what I will actually need, in a new tower.

Thanks to all of you for your advice.