[PlanetCCRMA] (re)building the PlanetCCRMA srpms for CentOS

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Nov 14 16:22:01 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 17:13 -0600, Wade Nelson wrote:
> I'm starting to try my hand at rebuilding the PlanetCCRMA SRPMS for
> CentOS 5, and I had a couple questions:
> 1) Would it be better to apply the PlanetCCRMA kernel patchset to the
> latest CentOS kernel or do a straight rebuild of one of the PlanetCCRMA
> kernel SRPMS? 

Probably a straight rebuild and hope that userland in centos5 is not too
old to support the latest kernels. That is the problem of centos, long

> I'm leaning towards applying the patches to the CentOS
> kernels just for the sake of keeping as close as possible to the CentOS
> base (the latest PlanetCCRMA kernels are kernel versions significantly
> newer than what CentOS ships).

The problem with that approach is that the versions of the realtime
patches that you will be able to apply are very old. 

I could try a rebuild of the latest kernel (which I just released for
Fedora 8 and plan on releasing for Fedora 7 & 6) for CentOS 5. Would you
be able to try it out? I did rebuild older versions as a trial under
CentOS a while back and they seemed to work fine. 

> 2) Is there a specific build order that needs to be followed, or are the
> "BuildRequires" and "Requires" for the SRPMS all set up properly?

They should be set up properly. I do have a script tied into my build
system that recursively builds, I'm using it as I type to rebuild for 8.
I could send you the output of a fake run which should point out the

> I probably won't get started on this until Thursday. 

You mean tomorrow? Or a week from now?

> I know a few
> others have tried PlanetCCRMA packages on CentOS5 but afaik nobody has
> done a full rebuild yet, so I'll post my progress back here. 

Well, Arnaud has a big chunk done I think. 
Maybe here?:

> I'll also
> keep track of packages that may be needed which aren't in the standard
> CentOS repos (i.e. stuff from EPEL or Fedora).

I wonder how we could sync on this effort. Both Arnaud and I are
interested and it would be great to leverage the effort into a full

We were emailing off the list yesterday talking about this very same
thing. I had the idea of trying to set up koji but has already tried it
and was quite difficult. I have not had time yet to try (busy with f8
right now)

Any ideas?

-- Fernando