[PlanetCCRMA] (re)building the PlanetCCRMA srpms for CentOS

Wade Nelson hollywoodb+ccrma at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 14 15:14:00 2007

I'm starting to try my hand at rebuilding the PlanetCCRMA SRPMS for
CentOS 5, and I had a couple questions:

1) Would it be better to apply the PlanetCCRMA kernel patchset to the
latest CentOS kernel or do a straight rebuild of one of the PlanetCCRMA
kernel SRPMS?  I'm leaning towards applying the patches to the CentOS
kernels just for the sake of keeping as close as possible to the CentOS
base (the latest PlanetCCRMA kernels are kernel versions significantly
newer than what CentOS ships).

2) Is there a specific build order that needs to be followed, or are the
"BuildRequires" and "Requires" for the SRPMS all set up properly?

I probably won't get started on this until Thursday.  I know a few
others have tried PlanetCCRMA packages on CentOS5 but afaik nobody has
done a full rebuild yet, so I'll post my progress back here.  I'll also
keep track of packages that may be needed which aren't in the standard
CentOS repos (i.e. stuff from EPEL or Fedora).

Wade Nelson
"I may have to share this planet with animals, 
but I'm doing my damn best to eat every last one of them."