[PlanetCCRMA] The future of planetccrma?

Jeff Sandys sandysj@juno.com
Wed May 16 12:54:02 2007

I saw Jesse Keating speak about the new Fedora at the Northwest
LinuxFest and I thought about the future of planetccrma.  Fedora 7 will
merge core and extras, use 'koji' as a build system and develop a
series of distributions.  With koji planetccrma could be a distribution
branch of Fedora, but according to Jesse koji is not ready to do that
with the real time kernel yet.

I see that planetccrma is the result of Fernando's effort to maintain
the electronics music lab at Stanford, and many of us are grateful for
his effort.  But this is a big effort for one person, I do not see a
large community of people contributing to the planetccrma effort.  And
I do see large communities around SUSE JackLab, Ubuntu Studio and

So what is the future of planetccrma?  Will the Stanford Lab adopt SUSE
JackLab or Ubuntu Studio?  Will a community support Fernando to make a
planetccrma distribution with koji and Fedora 7?  Or what?  I support
the Linux community and the use Linux to create and study music, and I
what to know where to direct my efforts.

Jeff Sandys