[PlanetCCRMA] pd doesn't appear in planetccrma menu?

Christophe T christoph.t@gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 15:26:00 2007

2007/6/24, Cyrill <cduneauyahoo.com>:
> hi
> a newbie question again, i'm afraid...
> i'm running planetccrma installed on fedora7, puredata is installed as it
> runs normally when launched from a terminal, but it doesn't appear in the
> planetccrma applications menu? Is it normal, and if not, what is the way to
> repair this (not really boring) problem?
> thanks,
> Cyrill

Well don't be afraid, it's very easy to manually edit the menu of
gnome or Kde. If you use Kde, right clic in the menu > edit, and there
you can create where you want new entries, call it like you want,
attribute the command you want to launch and even an icon if you want.
With gnome I don't know exactly but there is somewhere (look into
administration or configuration or something tools) an utility that
allows you to
edit the menu approximatively the same way. Or you can create a
personalized launcher on your desktop or your dock (right click on the
dock > add to panel...)

Christophe T