[PlanetCCRMANews] A bit OT: trying to install fc7 from hard drive - was [PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 7: Planet CCRMA for i386!

Kyrian kyrian@ore.org
Wed Jun 13 14:51:43 2007

> Hi there
> It may be a bit off topic, sorry...
> Im trying to install fc7 on my pc i386, which has already an Ubuntu on it. I've downloaded the
> .iso for fc7 and burnt the rescuecd.iso on a cd-rw, then i boot from it and choose "install from
> hard drive", then i select the location of the file (here, /home/myself/Fedora-blahblah.iso), but
> at this point i get an error message "Installation exited abnormally"?
> Anyone has already tried this kind of install?
It'll never work (for reasons I have noted before, but not investigated 
thoroughly) if you have /home on the root partition and not a separate 
partition [if you are in that boat, look at 'man resize2fs', and make 
room for then create a separate /home CAREFULLY!], and it's not worked 
previously from LVM partitions, but further to all that, in FC7 they 
have (due to upstream kernel PATA/SATA changes after kernel 2.6.18) 
redone the whole disk heirachy.

Specifically with FC7, I already tried that approach, gave up, tried FTP 
install from a local LANdisk appliance. It failed. Gave up, tried a HTTP 
install, it worked.

There seem to be regular net related kernel panics in FC7, especially in 
the installer, which I have not yet got around to reporting a bug about.

After all that, I am unsure whether I will even bother with FC8 for my 
workstations, I have already abandoned FC for servers.


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