A bit OT: trying to install fc7 from hard drive - was [PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 7: Planet CCRMA for i386!

Bob Wilkinson wilkinson.bob@comcast.net
Fri Jun 8 12:13:01 2007

If I understand correctly, the iso image must be uncompressed, or mounted.

What I did for my last "network" install was to download the iso image to another computer running linux, and then mounted the image onto a directory I came up with (/mnt/fc6iso) - the mount command was "mount -t=iso9660 -o loop /{home/name}/{isoimagename}.iso /mnt/fc6iso".

Then, using NFS, I shared the directory on the network.

Finally, I burned a CD with the boot.iso image, and did a network install, using {ip_address}/mnt/fc6iso

Otherwise, I believe that you would need to dd the image to a directory location, then find that directory location for the install (locally).

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From: Cyrill <cduneau@yahoo.com>
> Hi there
> It may be a bit off topic, sorry...
> Im trying to install fc7 on my pc i386, which has already an Ubuntu on it. I've 
> downloaded the
> .iso for fc7 and burnt the rescuecd.iso on a cd-rw, then i boot from it and 
> choose "install from
> hard drive", then i select the location of the file (here, 
> /home/myself/Fedora-blahblah.iso), but
> at this point i get an error message "Installation exited abnormally"?
> Anyone has already tried this kind of install?
> Thanks,
> cyrill 
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