[PlanetCCRMA] Fedora 7 and Partitioning to prepare for CCRMA releases

Vivek Ayer vivek.ayer@gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 16:25:01 2007


I have FC5 + PlanetCCRMA and never upgraded to FC6, but am ready to
install Fedora 7 on my X41 Tablet. My previous setup was nice, but I
think I had too many xruns. I know I won't have CCRMA for F7 for a
while, but until then, I was wondering what's the best partitioning
scheme Fernando would recommend for CCRMA. I have a 60 GB internal HD
and 120 GB WD Passport External HD. Currently, I run ext3, but find it
to be very slow. Over time, I think the health of the parition is

I was planning to use the 120GB External as scratch space for
Audacity, Ardour etc. ext3 sucks in my opinion even if it's reliable
and maintains data integrity. My cpu is 1.66 GHz Pentium M with 1 GB
Ram, which I think would be a reasonable DAW.

The three major competitors to ext3 are reiserfs, XFS, and JFS. I'm
not what to really use, but I hear reiserfs is better for smaller
files and XFS and JFS is better for large files. Also, these
filesystems give more HD space. I don't know much about JFS and its
support isn't the best. Perhaps, my external HD should have a 1 GB
FAT32 partition so I can move stuff to and fro Windows stations.

I'm really not sure yet and don't want to just go ahead and upgrade to
Fedora 7 before knowing which filesystems to use. I know from a
previous email that some said ext3 puts out more xruns even though it
uses less CPU. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks in