[PlanetCCRMA] alice in config-land here

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Thu Jul 19 02:57:01 2007

I just got a chance to update to the newest kernel on fedora 6.

Well, there seems to be a little problem:

The new FC6 kernel is configured to use sata instead of pata,
but FC6  is still in the /dev/hda world(unlike FC7 and it's love for the new hard drivers).

I use the old partition labeling, so I didn't even get past the initrd-kernel hand off on booting.
I think it won't be too bad for folks who use UUID labeling(at least for booting).

Oh, Fernando; could you do me a favor in the next kernel builds?  In the last FC7 kernel(not the newest one which I haven't gotten too yet) I thought I saw that asus_acpi was turned off.  I'd really like it if you could include it as a module because the machine I'm using seems to need it.  Thanks.