[PlanetCCRMA] hitmuri

Nigel Henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Mon Jul 16 04:56:01 2007

On Monday 16 July 2007 12:49, Nicholas Manojlovic wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just lately I have been browsing the web and I came across this guy,
> some of you probably know - Hitmuri.
> http://www.hitmuri.com/
> He uses a Planet CCRMA Gnu/Linux rig and it is inspring!
> He also makes the following software:
> http://www.hitmuri.com/Tapeutape/
> Anyone know how to get it to build on F7?
> Cheers Niko

I'm downloading the necessary packages now, and have a go at building it.

You need to install scons, and also the development packages for the 
dependencies he mentions. See below.


Not forgetting to install scons as well. Installing the development packages 
will pull in the main packages, if you don't have any of them.

I'm going to install the GUI version, so that's the version of Tapeutape i've 

Ok I've installed it now, so here's the procedure.

cd to the directory you've downloaded tapeutape to, then as user type.

tar xzvf tapeutape-0.0.5.tgz

this will create a new directory,so next.

cd tapeutape-0.0.5

then simply type


after a bit it will finish, then su to root, and type

scons install

Job done.

You will find it /usr/bin/tapeutape, and can start it from the desktop by 
creating a desktop launcher, but I can't find an icon for it.

I don't know how to use it, have fun with it.


btw. dont forget to open qjackctl, and start Jack before starting tapeutape.
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