[PlanetCCRMA] Where's the weak link?

linuxmedia4@netscape.net linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Tue Jan 23 21:33:00 2007

I either found the culprit of the xruns, or I found the *main* one. But 
I have a question...

I noticed that the xruns were every 20 seconds. So I went to KDE Control 
Center -> Power Control -> Laptop Battery... and changed "Check status 
every: 20sec" to "Check status every: 1sec". I started Qjackctl... and 
as suspected... there was one xrun per second. I couldn't shut off 
"Battery Polling" in KDE Control Center, so I set it to a ridiculously 
high number and the "regular" xruns stopped.

I wanted to completely shut off "Battery Polling", and I was under the 
impression that this was controlled by "apm". So I set it back to "1 
second polling" and went to System -> Services and disabled "apmd". That 
didn't effect the nibbling at the hard drive every second, but it 
stopped creating an xrun every second. Although there still were 
"regular" xruns.

Does anyone have any idea how to disable "Battery Polling"?