[PlanetCCRMA] NEWBIE: What are Xruns?

Bill Polhemus bill@polhemus.cc
Thu Jan 18 08:01:01 2007

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I just got <a
Rosegarden Companion"</a> through Amazon yesterday. I have only had
time to skim through it, but it looks like it will answer a LOT of my
questions, not only specific to RG but generally regarding Linux home
I noticed that it mentions something about "Xruns bad" in one section.
Then I see where someone's talking about a problem with Xruns here on
the List.<br>
Xruns aren't covered in the book. What are they, how do they affect
what I'm trying to do, how do I know if I have them, and what do I do
to prevent them?<br>
(N.B. I noticed "The Rosegarden Companion" was published in 2005. Is it
still timely enough, or has Rosegarden "moved on" a lot from there?)<br>