[PlanetCCRMA] Midi apps (package build request)

Len lenb_99@yahoo.com
Sat Jan 6 08:22:01 2007


I notice that GMOrgan is listed in the PlanetCCRMA Package Collection.  Any chance of building
packages for some of the other (very useful) MIDI utils/apps by the same author?  I was using
SoundFontCombi and mcontrol with Rosegarden under FC1.  SoundFontCombi is great, because it lets
you route a MIDI input on one channel to multiple MIDI output channels simultaneously (and other
flexible routing scenarios), things I was not able to do with Rosegarden alone.  Also, mcontrol is
great for storing parameter presets to set up, say, an outboard effects units, then sending those
settings using MIDI controllers.

Now that I have installed FC5, which is working great, I would like to install these apps, but if
there were packages available that I could install with yum, it would be a little easier than
building from scratch, though that's not a big deal.  But if these apps could be useful to others
(which I'm sure they would), it would be nice to add them to the PlanetCCRMA Package Collection,

These are the ones I'm talking about:

GMOrgan is on SourceForge, but none of the others are.

Thanks - PlanetCCRMA is fantastic,

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