[PlanetCCRMA] Installing different versions of jack

linuxmedia4@netscape.net linuxmedia4@netscape.net
Mon Jan 1 09:00:01 2007

Hi Fernando,

I don't know how you do all that you do and *still* manage to answer our 
questions... thanks for all the good things you have brought to the 
linux audio community...

On Tue, 2006-12-26 at 17:03 -0500, linuxmedia4@netscape.net wrote:
 >> I need to be able to install different versions of jack
 >> on my CCRMA/FC5 system (long story). But no matter what
 >> I do, it doesn't build right (either with or without a
 >> repo version installed). Is there a trick to installing
 >> other versions of jack on a CCRMA/FC5 system?

 > What do you mean "it doesn't build right"? Do you get errors?
 > Does it work?

sorry... I meant "it doesn't run correctly". It builds fine (no 
appearent errors). But like you said...

 > There are no tricks, I think. If the rpm package is already
 > installed you should try to install with prefix=/usr (not
 > /usr/local which is the default). Otherwise you end up with
 > two simultaneous versions and jack does not deal with that
 > well. If you install in prefix=/usr you should overwrite
 > the packaged version (which you could supposedly restore
 > by forcing a reinstall of that particular rpm).

Yeah... I did install in the default /usr/local tree, and you're right, 
it certainly doesn't deal with two seperate versions. I was afraid that 
if I built it with prefix=/usr that somehow I would have troubles trying 
to re-install a repo version again. But I will try that now that you say 
it is the way to go.

Although... I do believe I did 'yum remove jack-audio-connection-kit', 
then built a different version in /usr/local tree at one time and still 
had problems. So is the (main) problem that I'm building in /usr/local? 
I'm definatly going to build with prefix=/usr, but I can't do it right 
now. Hopefully soon.

 >> Better yet, are there unseen versions of jack that I can
 >> install from the repos?

 > Hmmm, not at this time. I could release a newer one.

 > What problems did you have with the current one in fc5?
 > -- Fernando

It has more to do with (what I suspect) is a bug in ecasound (v2.4.4). 
But the bug didn't show up while running ecasound/jack (only 
ecasound/alsa) on FC3/CCRMA. But on FC5/CCRMA, it shows up while running 
ecasound with either jack or alsa. So I need to try the version of jack 
I was running on FC3. Could you tell me what was the last version of 
jack that was available for FC3/CCRMA? I can start there and work 
backwards (sorry... don't remember what version I was running then).

Better yet, if you are going to release a newer version of jack for 
FC5/CCRMA, then I will wait and try that before I build an older version 
in the /usr tree. Could you let me know if you decide to release a newer