[PlanetCCRMA] Hardware woes

Roy Vestal rvestal@trilug.org
Mon Feb 12 05:58:02 2007

I currently have a Delta 1010 in my PC. I'm looking to expand my 
capabilities in the next few months. I would like to be able to expand 
beyond the 16 channel barrier (i.e. 2x Delta 1010's). I love my Delta 
and do not want to replace it but add to it. I'm looking at adding an 
RME Hammerfall 96xx series card for light pipe ability and using 
external ADA's (something like the Creamware AD16, or maybe a MOTU).

Has any one had experience or know if this kind of configuration will 
work? I know theoretically it should, but in the real world, has anyone 
done this? If so, what was the timetable from start to finish of the 

The main software is Ardour, Audacity, Jack (of course), Timidity++, 
JAMin, Hydrogen, Rosegarden, and Lilypond on top of FC5 (planet 
core-edge kernel).