[PlanetCCRMA] fwd: announce: v2.6.20-rt1 yum repository and kernel rpms

Tracey Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Tue Feb 6 02:09:00 2007

Fernando  wrote:

> That's what I have been testing for quite a while. I have been meaning
> to release it for the main Planet CCRMA kernel for fc6 for a while
> (there is none yet). Probably this week, now that 2.6.20 final is out.
> It has been quite stable for me in my limited tests. 

I've been downloading from Ingo's repository for a while now, but have had limited time to test.
I had some problems with the earlier ones, but the last time I got a chance (a few days ago) the kernel seemed rather stable on FC5 where I got the chance to test it on.
Late last night I managed to get hold of the newest rt and will be giving it a try sometime in the near future(it's high on my priority list).
Oh, fyi, if anyone wants to try it out, you may have to modify the rtirq script /etc/rc.d/init.d/