[PlanetCCRMA] SIIG-USB SoundWave 7.1 Pro

John Dey jsdey@optonline.net
Tue Aug 28 17:41:03 2007

On Aug 28, 2007, at 8:14 PM, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:

> Well, the ALSA driver only sees two devices that correspond to the USB
> card, one input and one output. The output, I presume, is the one that
> you see when you use jack (and is stereo).
> I would be surprised if you could get 7.1 from this card with the usb
> ALSA driver. If you fire up alsamixer in a terminal, what do you see in
> terms of controls?
> Even if you could somehow activate the spdif feature, you would not
> actually see 8 discrete channels in the jack window, you would probably
> have to have a Dolby Digital encoder that would translate 8 channels at
> _its_ input into a digital compressed stream that you would then feed 
> to
> the card, somehow.
> Sorry to not have better news...
> -- Fernando
I am still hopeful that I can salvage things.  When my speakers arrive, 
I will plug the spdif cable to the audio receiver and connect the 
speakers.  I will run speaker-test and pray. Having only stereo is not 
the end of the world.  I think the receiver has some mixing options 
that I need to look into as a backup solution.  For your info I am an 
aeolus user.  That program provides a 4 and 8 audio output option 
(audiophonics) that I was going to try.  The program default is stereo 
that will work.

Thanks for your help.  I will report back if I discover something