[PlanetCCRMA] Demo CD from Ardour

Roy Vestal rvestal@trilug.org
Wed Sep 20 20:32:02 2006

I have landed a project to build a 5 song demo. This will be my first 
project using a Linux DAW.

I am seeking advice on bouncing this thing to CD once all the sessions 
are completed.

A second question is how do I build the CD in a way that it will create 
CDDB registrations, and the CD TOC, pregap data, etc?

I have exported tracks one at a time from Ardour to wav and ogg files, 
but I'd like to build this as close to Redbook standards as possible.

I have the following setup:

FC3 with latest Core-Edge Kernel
KDE basic install

Ardour (0.99 I believe)
JAMin (although I'm still learning it)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.