[PlanetCCRMA] Re: MIDI with Axiom 25

Vivek Ayer vivek.ayer@gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 12:47:01 2006


Got the MIDI to work using Advanced Mode under the CCRMA kernel. It's
weird, but I really thought it worked under the stock kernel (2.6.17)
I have installed as well. It's not the axiom 25 that the problem. It's
the UA-25 card that's giving me a hard time. I do/don't get MIDI under
stock sometimes and on top of that, the 44.1,48,96 recording switch
don't work properly under Audacity. Actually, it doesn't work that
well under XMMS either, but I found a work behind that.

   So I boot up into CCRMA and I check that there's a /dev/dsp1, which
there is. This is the UA-25 in advanced mode. So the computer still
knows it's there. However, I launch XMMS and set that as my playback
device and XMMS says I can't play with because it's being blocked by
something. I'm running nothing else. The workaround is I can us start
up jack and run alsa through jack and XMMS playbacks with no problems.
Unfortunately, I can't do anything about Audacity as this gives me no
option to select /dev/dsp1 in the first place, which I find quite odd.
MIDI works, but 48 and 96 k recording don't. It could be an Audacity
thing, not being ASIO-compatible. I'm running the (old) stable
audacity. I'll try the beta and see how that handles this.

One more thing. In order to stop xruns in jack, is it prefered If I
record in a low memory footprint environment? Should I use Fluxbox
instead of Gnome? Help appreciated.


On 11/20/06, Vivek Ayer <vivek.ayer@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm having a little trouble configuring MIDI to use my Axiom 25
> Controller. It came with a USB cable which handles MIDI quite well.
> However, I want to hook it up to my Edirol UA-25. The UA-25 is
> recognized just fine under FC5 in my Lenovo X41 Tablet. The advanced
> mode works under the CCRMA kernel, which means MIDI should work.
> However, I open up Hydrogen and test some drumkits pointing to my
> UA-25 Card and I get nothing. What's the best way to test MIDI
> especially, if I have a serial connection going from the Axiom 25 to
> the UA-25 to my computer if it recognizes the UA-25 properly? Thanks.
> Vivek