[PlanetCCRMA] MIDI with Axiom 25

Vivek Ayer vivek.ayer@gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 12:07:01 2006

Hey folks,

I'm having a little trouble configuring MIDI to use my Axiom 25
Controller. It came with a USB cable which handles MIDI quite well.
However, I want to hook it up to my Edirol UA-25. The UA-25 is
recognized just fine under FC5 in my Lenovo X41 Tablet. The advanced
mode works under the CCRMA kernel, which means MIDI should work.
However, I open up Hydrogen and test some drumkits pointing to my
UA-25 Card and I get nothing. What's the best way to test MIDI
especially, if I have a serial connection going from the Axiom 25 to
the UA-25 to my computer if it recognizes the UA-25 properly? Thanks.