[PlanetCCRMA] FC5: Which yum repos to enable?

Joe Planisky jplan@jeffnet.org
Wed May 31 20:00:03 2006


I'm new to the Planet, FC5, and yum.  After installing FC5, I followed
Fernando's instructions and installed the planetccrma.repo file.  I've
been able to successfully install various apps from PlanetCCRMA and
everything seems to be working fine.  (Many thanks to Fernando and
everyone involved with this project for making it easy to get going!)

Regarding the planetccrma.repo file, Fernando's instructions say

> There are also pointers to updates and the core os
> but those are disabled by default. You can edit this
> file and enable them if you want:

If I do enable the updates and core os repositories in planetccrma.repo,
should I then disable the other .repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d (e.g.
fedora-core.repo, fedora-updates.repo, etc.)?

The reason I ask is that I currently have all the .repo files enabled
and 'yum update' is reporting that a new kernel is available, but it's
not a 'ccrma' kernel.  So I think that's coming from a source specified
in one of the other .repo files.