[PlanetCCRMA] fc5/pccrma gui midifile player

nigel henry cave.dnb@tiscali.fr
Tue May 30 13:11:01 2006

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 18:04, M P Smoak wrote:
> Is there a gui midifile player included or planned in the fc5/pccrma
> applications?  I would hope it had play, stop, pause, fast-forward
> and fast-backup at least.
> Marv

Hi Marv. I don't like suggesting this, but if you're using KDE, Kmid sort of 
works, but I've found is sailing pretty close to the wind, and crashes for no 
apparent reason.

There appears to be a serious lack of midi players. Those that are on various 
sites are ancient, and no longer maintained.

TiMidity does work for midi files, but I don't think that Fernando has it 
packaged up for FC5 yet. No, I've just had a look on Yumex, and it ain't 
there. On earlier versions of FC, planetccrma's TiMidity did not have a GTK 
UI, apart from the ncurses one, which is terrible. My workaround in the case 
of FC2 was to install TiMidity from http://timidity.sourceforge.net/ . You 
will have to get from the Internet, the GUS (Gravis Ultrasound) patches for 
it. "gus patches" in Google should find a patch set. It comes with an 
insruments directory, and a config file. When you install the source file for 
TiMidity, it should create a directory in /usr/local/share named timidity. 
Put the instruments directory in there. The timidity.cfg file goes in /etc .

To start it from the desktop, right click on the desktop, create new/file/link 
to application. On the "General" page name it TiMidity, browse for the icon, 
which is in, depending where you have downloaded it, and unpacked it to, 
TiMidity++-2.13.2/interface/pixmaps. Moving to the "Application" page, the 
command to start it with the GTK UI is, /usr/local/bin/timidity -ig   .  
OK'ing this should put you an icon on the desktop, and clicking on this will 
bring up a pretty basic GUI for TiMidity, where you can open midi files, set 
up playlists, etc.

If I've missed anything, which is quite possible, please post back.


On FC2 I used the planetccrma GUS patches with the tarball install. I had to 
shuffle the instruments directory, and config file around a bit, but the 
patches I found on the Internet, but havn't tried, are the Goemon ones.

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